Who are we?

L’Avenç SL is a private cultural company that publishes, from 1977, the history and cultural magazine L’Avenç. We also publish Els Marges, a magazine on catalan language and literature, and books, both our own and for private and public institutions. We offer a historical overview on current affairs and a critical contribution to the catalan culture debate.

Thirty years

Since the beginning, L’Avenç is devoted to spread the knowledge on history through elements of reflexion and critic of the past, with a special emphasis in contemporary Catalonia, before and after the Civil War.

Our history

In April 1977, in a period of Transition to democracy and political autonomy, a group of university students launched L’Avenç first issue. They said in its foreword: «In the actual process towards the normalization of catalan culture, a history magazine was essential, especially if we bear in mind that History has been a fundamental aspect of our culture and that it has played a distinctive role in our national consolidation process».

The new project

L'AVENÇ is currently a magazine open to many and various fields of culture, socially committed, with history as a root element of identity. And is also a publishing house that combines literature and essay, personal memory and collective memory, reconstruction of the past and overwiew of the present.

Els Llibres de L'Avenç has already published 100 titles, both on Essay and Literature.

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L'Avenç, 400 números

L'Avenç: la modernització de la cultura catalana

Pàgina a LLETRA, espai virtual de literatura catalana, a l'entorn UOC.

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L'AVENÇ, 250 números. Un balanç.

Ignasi Aragay fa una anàlisi de la trajectòria de L'AVENÇ des de la seva creació el 1997.